Caring for your Jewelry

To keep your diamond shining bright, we advise cleaning your jewelry once every three months. For the free cleaning service, you can visit any Diamond showroom at any time. If you would rather do it yourself, you can adhere to the cleaning instructions and jewelry care advice we have provided below.


Diamonds, timeless and resilient, are among the world's oldest and toughest gems. To preserve their everlasting shine, we've curated essential tips and strategies for maintaining your diamond jewelry's brilliance.

Maintain the brilliance of your diamond treasures.

Diamonds have traversed an extraordinary journey since their discovery, with only a fraction earning the prestigious designation. To preserve the luster of your diamond jewelry, follow the expert maintenance techniques that have upheld diamonds' iconic sparkle throughout history. Just as each diamond symbolizes unique love, its radiance requires nurturing and care to endure.

Caring for your diamond jewellery is more than just keeping your diamond’s sparkle shining bright. Set to last a lifetime, it shows your commitment and care. A promise of your future and your Forever.

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Preserving Your Diamond Jewelry

Shield your diamond treasures from potential damage caused by exposure to harsh chemicals or abrasive substances. Activities like wearing perfume, applying sunscreen, cleaning, or using hairspray can lead to erosion or dullness of metal settings. Consider removing your jewelry or wearing protective clothing to safeguard its brilliance.

Caring for Your Diamond Ring

When taking off your ring, handle it with care by holding the band instead of the stone or setting. This ensures the diamond remains secure in its setting and prevents the buildup of natural oils from your skin around the stone.

Our Tips

Unlock the Secrets of Jewelry Care: Essential Tips for Preserving Your Precious Gems and Metals


Take off your jewelry before showering, bathing, or immersing in water, particularly when at the beach, in the sea, or in chlorinated pools.


Avoid wearing your jewelry during showers, baths, or water activities, especially in beach, sea, or chlorinated pool settings.


Restore the shine of your jewelry by using a jewelry polishing cloth or a soft, lint-free cloth if it becomes tarnished.


To prevent delicate chains from tangling, hang them or lay them flat when storing.


Store your jewelry in a sealed container to protect it from air exposure.


Refrain from wearing jewelry during cleaning, gardening, or engaging in physical activities like sports.

"Jewellery is the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off."

Ensuring the Safety of Your Diamond Jewelry

Your diamond holds the promise of countless memories and future aspirations from the day it enters your life.

While its sentimental value is irreplaceable, protecting its financial worth is prudent. Consider insuring your diamond jewelry to safeguard against potential losses due to theft, damage, or misplacement.

Tailored insurance policies for jewelry offer distinct advantages compared to general coverage options, providing comprehensive protection for your precious possessions.

Storing your diamond jewellery

Diamonds' exceptional hardness can cause damage to other jewels, metals, and even other diamonds. When not wearing your diamond jewelry, store it separately from other pieces to maintain its pristine quality.

Whenever possible, store your diamond jewelry in its original packaging. If that's not an option, individual soft linen pouches provide excellent protection against potential harm.

Ensure the safety of your jewelry box to continue safeguarding your diamonds. Store it in a dry, cool, and secure place to maintain its integrity and protect your precious jewelry.

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A promise of Forever

Caring for Your Diamond Jewelry goes beyond preserving its dazzling sparkle. Designed to endure a lifetime, it signifies your dedication and attention. It's not just about maintaining its brilliance; it's a pledge to your future and everlasting love.