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Frequently Asked Questions

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What metal choices do you offer?

We offer white, rose, and yellow 14k and 18k gold as well as platinum. We also offer two-toned pieces in which the head is a different metal than the band.

What is the difference between lab grown and natural diamond?

The primary difference between lab and natural diamonds is their method of formation and the way in which they are sourced. Natural diamonds form many miles under the surface of the earth and are extracted using mining. Lab diamonds are made in laboratories under manmade conditions which mimic the chemical and physical processes that occur in the earth’s mantle. A professional jeweler or diamond expert would not be able to decipher the origin of a diamond unless they were to use advanced instruments. Meaning, a lab diamond will shine and shimmer the same way a natural diamond would.

Thanks to how they are formed, lab diamonds are a more sustainable alternative to natural diamonds. You get the same stone while saving the planet from harm. Also, because diamond laboratories can meet demand, the price of lab diamonds is typically lower than the prices of natural diamonds. You can read more about lab diamonds here.

Is financing available?

We are proud to offer financing options on all of our pieces through Bread Pay.

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